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Patent Services Provided By Soquel Group

Soquel Group provides a comprehensive set of patent-related services. Services can be provided on a project or retainer basis.

Strategy & Analysis

Develop Portfolio Strategy

Evaluate Patents & Portfolios



Draft & File Patents

Prosecute Patents to Insurance

Project Manage Portfolio


License Patents

Broker Sales of Patents & Portfolios

Litigation Support

A Full-Service Patent Agency

Soquel Group is full-service patent agency that can assist at every step of the patent process: drafting, filing and prosecution. We are scientists & engineers with broad technical backgrounds who will understand your invention and its significance. We will work with you to cost-effectively develop, strengthen and expand your patent portfolio.

Offering Complementary Services

We offer a strategy and analysis services to help you increase the value of your patent portfolio. We complement your existing legal counsel by providing specialized services.

Licensing & Sales of Patents & Portfolios

We will work with you to develop a custom licensing and/or sales program to generate revenue from your patents.

Soquel Group has worked extensively in:

  • Digital media
  • Data Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Technology
  • Mobile Communications
  • We have helped inventors and corporations create valuable patent portfolios

We are unique in our ability to:

  • Produce results quickly
  • Cost-effectively develop patent portfolios that build value
  • Provide an independent, realistic assessment of a patent or portfolio and develop a licensing and/or sales program to generate revenue
  • Augment a company’s legal counsel by providing complementary services