In a competitive bid, Google purchased an extensive mobile technology patent portfolio created by Soquel Group for Modu Ltd. Soquel Group functioned as an in-house patent agency for Modu from its inception in 2006 through its sale in 2011, building a portfolio of over 100 patents covering a broad spectrum of mobile devices, communications and technologies. The Modu patents generally relate to a small modular communicator, about the size of a credit card, that attaches to a variety of electronic devices, referred to as “jackets” for the communicator, and provides the jackets with wireless communication functionality. Managing Director Marc Berger acted as Soquel Group’s account manager and principal investigator for the Modu portfolio.

Modu, based in Tel Aviv, was founded by Dov Moran in 2006. Prior to founding Modu, Mr. Moran founded and served as CEO of msystems, which invented the USB Flash Drive and other flash data storage devices and was acquired by SanDisk Corp for $1.6B at the end of 2006.