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Roberts Articles on Unstructured Data

Recently, Mr. Blumberg co-authored a series of articles for DM Review a leading professional journal specializing in business intelligence, data integration and analytics. Robert’s co-author, Shaku Atre, is a leading author and speaker in the field of data management and business intelligence.

The series concerns the management of unstructured data, now recognized as one of the major unsolved problems in the information technology (IT) industry. The articles were highly praised and have been frequently cited.

The Problem with Unstructured Data

This article introduced the series and identified and explained why unstructured data is a problem, some of the leading techniques for dealing with it, and some emerging business opportunities.

Automatic Classification: Moving to the Mainstream

How modern automatic classification systems improve upon search. Reviews the technology, applications and efforts to create standard taxonomies.

More than Search

An overview of Search, the technology, companies, the problems that it solves and the problems that remain to be solved. Discusses web search, site search and enterprise search.

Discovery: The Road to Business Intelligence

Discusses Discovery Systems that automatically identify important relationships and trends within documents. The article talks about leading Discovery Systems, applications of Discovery and visual tools for displaying complex interrelationships between documents.