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Patent Drafting & Prosecution

Soquel Group is a full-service patent agency focusing on high technology companies.

Our core service is to draft patents with powerful claim-sets and prosecute them to issuance. We have drafted and filed well over one thousand patents in over 20 countries and have a near-perfect success rate at getting our patents issued. We maintain an international network of patent service companies through which we file and prosecute patents worldwide.

In addition to patent drafting and prosecution, services that we provide include:

  • Patentability and infringement searches
  • Trademark searches & applications
  • Oversee patent and trademark marking
  • Manage payment of patent annuities and maintenance fees
  • Draft IP-related portions of corporate reports,
    presentations and prospectuses
  • Assist with due diligence

Internal IP Management

For small to mid-sized companies, our senior staff can serve as an in-house director or vice-president of intellectual property. In this capacity, we work with the Company’s legal counsel and with R&D management to put in place IP policies and practices that ensure that inventions are identified, protected and patented in a timely fashion. Our methods include:

  • Regular disclosure meetings tied to the R&D roadmap
  • Dissemination & review of invention summaries
  • Drafting, filing, prosecution of patents
  • Formulation and management of an IP budget
  • Management & review of external counsel

How We Work

Soquel Group works with inventors in a non-intrusive way that minimizes distraction to their ongoing work. Soquel Group utilizes existing in-house documents and does not tap into R&D time by requiring multiple meetings; typically a single disclosure meeting is sufficient to enable Soquel Group to prepare an initial patent draft. In this way, Soquel Group can quickly file patent applications before products are released or madeĀ public, without impacting development schedules.