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The Team

Soquel Group has three managing directors: Mark Kalow, Robert Blumberg and Marc Berger.

The three came together in 1997 when Live Picture, which Kalow and Blumberg had co-founded acquired OLIVR, an Israeli technology company of which Berger was chief scientist. Together they developed a range of products and built a substantial portfolio of digital imaging patents before the company was acquired in 1999.

Soquel Group also includes associate Colin Fowler. Colin is a registered US patent agent and also attends the University of Tulsa College of Law.

In addition, Soquel Group includes paralegal staff that assist with docketing and filings.

Working Style

There are no set rules as to how the managing directors handle an engagement. In some cases the entire team works together, in others one or two of the partners will participate. The team is determined at the outset of the engagement in discussion with the client.