Analysis and Strategy

Patent Strategy

We work with companies to develop and execute a patent strategy that builds company value. The strategy addresses fundamental issues such as:

  • Long range goals, growth, IPO, acquisition
  • Defensive strategies against key competitors
  • Generation of licensing revenue
  • International requirements
  • Budget

Analytical Services

Our analytical services ensure that our clients are well positioned both defensively and offensively – – relative to their key competitors and within their industry.

Competitive Analysis. We analyze the competitive landscape from the patent perspective to identify active companies and key topic areas. We apply SWOT or other techniques as required. Recommendations for offensive and defensive strategies are formulated for key competitors.

Portfolio Mapping. Our portfolio map is a powerful tool for presenting the most vital information of a portfolio to a board of directors or to investors. It can be used to compare your portfolio to a competitor’s portfolio or to the industry as a whole. It shows the status (patents issued, filed, international) against a coherent grid of related technologies.

Pricing & Financial Analysis

Do you, or are you considering buying, selling or licensing patents? We have developed methods to analyze the licensing or sales value of a patent or patent portfolio. We can formulate realistic licensing terms that can serve as the departure point for licensing discussions between a patent-holder and a prospective licensee.