Robert Blumberg will give two presentations as part of the Research to Revenue speaker series being co-sponsored by UCSC’s Baskin School of Engineering and the Center for Entrepreneurship. The talks, targeted towards professors, graduate students and researchers, will address topics such as patenting at the University and legal issues associated with startups that support UCSC entrepreneurial & commercialization efforts.

The first talk, entitled “Patent Fundamentals for Engineers — Transform Your Ideas into Fame and Fortune”, scheduled for January 11, 2011 will provide a fundamental understanding of the patent process. It will consider, for example, the question of what type of material is patentable: Can an idea be patented? Can a product be patented? Can a new gene be patented? Additional topics include patent bars, the contents of a patent, and patent prosecution. The talk will consider how to create value using patents and to avoid the common pitfalls associated with patents and intellectual property.

The second talk, entitled “Patenting at UCSC — Making the UCSC Patenting System Work for You”, scheduled for January 25, 2011 lays out the concrete steps that University staff, researchers, and students can take to obtain a patent. The talk will cover fundamental issues such as who is an inventor and what are their rights, what material to prepare, what is a patent disclosure and how to engage with the UCSC Office of Intellectual Property Management to initiate the patent process. The session will address questions such as: how does UCSC and the University of California share rights and royalties with the inventor? Does publication prevent you from obtaining a patent? What if the research was sponsored by a federal or state grant? What options exist outside the UCSC process to obtain a patent? And how can the Center for Entrepreneurship assist you?

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